Den 3 – Wolf


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The Wolf Cub Scout (Grade 2)

Den Parents are vital to the Cub Scout dens, both in the role of home support and to help the den leader. The Wolf Scouts are beginning to become more independent, and not every boy needs a parent at every meeting. The den consists of four to eight boys, a den leader and assistant den leader (usually parents of some of the boys), and often a den chief (an older Boy Scout or Venturer who helps the den leader). They meet a few times a month at a regularly scheduled time and place, and they also attend the pack meeting with their families. What your Wolf Scout will need to get started:
  • Navy Scout Shirt (buy large as your Scout will wear this for 2-4 years)
  • Navy pants or shorts
  • Scout Belt
  • Purple World Crest Scout Emblem patch (fleur de lis)
  • Council Patch (Mayflower Council)
  • Pack numerals 2, 2 (22)
  • Den Numeral Strip (Den 3)
  • Gold Wolf Neckerchief
  • Wolf Neckerchief slide
  • Wolf Cub Scout Hat
  • Wolf Cub Scout Handbook