Den 6 – Arrow of Light

Arrow of Light

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The Arrow of Light Cub Scout (Grade 5)

The Arrow of Light den is the transition between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. It is much like the Cub Scout dens, but there is more emphasis on the boys learning to take leadership roles and preparing to become Boy Scouts.

Arrow of Light:
  • Tan Scout Shirt with Olive Green pants or shorts
  • Scout Belt (some pants have belt attached)
  • Purple World Crest Scout Emblem patch (fleur de lis)
  • Council Patch (Mayflower Council)
  • Pack numerals 2, 2 (22)
  • Den Numeral Strip (Den 6)
  • Navy Epaulets
  • Plaid Webelos Scout Neckerchief
  • Webelos Neckerchief slide
  • Webelos Scout Hat
  • Webelos Scout Handbook