Which Den Should My Son Be In?

Tiger Den (Grade 1)


Parents are most involved at the Tiger level. The boy and his parents or guardian join the den together and attend all meetings and activities together. The den is made up of ideally three to eight of these parent-son teams. Each den also has a Tiger Den Leader (usually on of the parents) who helps coordinate the meetings. The parent-son teams take turns running the activities and planning meetings with the Tiger Den Leader. The den has two meetings a month, either at the homes of the host parent-son teams or at a designated facility, participates in on “Go See It” activity (the den, as a group, visits a community place of interest), and attends the monthly pack meeting.


Wolf Den (Grade 2) and Bear Den (Grade 3)


Dens Parents are vital to the Cub Scout dens, both in the role of home support and to help the den leader, but their sons are beginning to be more independent and not every boy needs a parent at every meeting. The den consists of four to eight boys, a den leader and assistant den leader (usually parents of some of the boys), and often a den chief (an older Boy Scout or Venturer who helps the den leader). They meet once a week at a regular scheduled time and place, and they also attend the pack meeting with their families.


Webelos Den (Grade 4) and Arrow of Light (Grade 5)


The Webelos and Arrow of Light start the transition between cub scouts and boy scouts. It is much like the cub scout dens, but there is more emphasis on the boys learning to take leadership roles and preparing to become Boy Scouts.