Den 2 – Lions


  • We are actively looking for new parents to help with leading our Lion den this year! Please email us if you’re interested in becoming this year’s Lion den leader!

The Lion Cub Den (Kindergarten)

The Lion Program is a relatively new one to Scouts – our Pack was involved in a pilot program to run a Lion den in 2016-2017, and we had a very successful program.  Parents are most involved at the Lion Cub level.  The Scout and their parent or guardian join the den together and attend all meetings and activities together.  The den is made up of ideally three to eight of these parent-Scout teams.  Each den also has a Lion Cub den leader (usually one of the parents) who helps coordinate the meetings, although at the Lion level many of the parents can take turns in this role.  The parent-Scout teams take turns running the activities and planning meetings with the Lion Cub den leader.  The den has one regular meeting a month, either at the homes of host parent-Scout teams or at a designated facility, participates in one “Go See It” activity (the den, as a group, visits a community place of interest), and attends the monthly pack meeting.

What your Lion Scout will need to get started:
  • Lion Cub Scout youth t-shirt
  • Lion hat
  • Cub Scout Lion Handbook (with stickers)
  • Navy Scout pants or shorts (optional)
  • Cub Scouts lion neckerchief (optional)
  • Boy Scouts neckerchief slide (optional)