Den 1 – Webelos


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The Webelos Cub Scout (Grade 4)

This year is going to be an exciting one for the Webelos Den! For the first year of Webelos, the Scouts need to complete 5 specific requirements and 2 electives, after which they will earn the Webelos badge at the end of the year. To accomplish this, the den will have bi-monthly meetings, and usually 1 outing per month. The group will work together to learn the skills and enjoy the activities that will get them to the next rank in scouting, the Arrow of Light. Most of all, the boys will have a lot of fun!

What your Webelos Scout will need to get started:
  • Blue shirt with blue pants or shorts or Tan Scout Shirt with Olive Green pants or shorts
  • Scout Belt
  • Purple World Crest Scout Emblem patch (fleur de lis)
  • Council Patch (Mayflower Council)
  • Pack numerals 2, 2 (22)
  • Den Numeral Strip (Den 1)
  • Navy Epaulets
  • Plaid Webelos Scout Neckerchief
  • Webelos Neckerchief slide
  • Webelos Scout Hat
  • Webelos Scout Handbook