October – Webelos


The boys started off their scouting year in October, after they settled into their routines at school. Their first den meeting was dedicated to preparation for their first requirement, “Webelos Walkabout”. During the meeting, they came up with a hike plan, assembled a first aid kit, and talked about the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace principles for Kids, so that they would be ready for their upcoming hike.


The following weekend the Peter, David, the kids and their parents went on the 3-mile hike at Wampatuck State Park in Hingham. Peter assigned leadership roles to each of the kids, and they took turns performing each of these roles throughout their journey. While they walked, they talked about what to do in case of any minor emergencies that could happen, and identified other dangers that could be encountered, such as coming across any poisonous plants or animals. They identified all sorts of natural materials, and recorded them in their handbooks for future reference. Along the way, the scouts also completed a service project, cleaning up any trash that they found in their path and the surrounding areas. Midway through, the kids sat, had lunch, enjoyed the fresh air. Making sure, of course, to clean up after themselves. The hike was successful and an enjoyable outing for the boys, and one that earned them the “Webelos Walkabout” pin!


At the last den meeting of the month, the kids started prepping for their first elective, “Earth Rocks!”. which teaches them about the science of geology. They talked about what geology means, how rocks and minerals play an important role in the world and talked about a planned outing during the upcoming month that will add to their knowledge about this topic.