The boys accomplished two big goals this month, their first elective “Earth Rocks!” and their second requirement “Cast Iron Chef”.

Early in the month, the kids visited the Natural Science Center in Norwell, and attended a program dedicated to the science of geology. They learned about how the materials make up the world, and how people use them to create things that make their lives easier. They identified some of the geological materials used in the building they were in, and throughout their own community. Using a magnifying glass, they identified different types of rocks and minerals, and tested the minerals for hardness according to the Mohs hardness scale. The program director talked to them about career fields in geology, and the importance of preserving our natural resources. All in all, this was a great trip for the kids, they enjoyed it, and they learned a lot about just how fascinating the worth of rocks and minerals can be. This trip, and the work and preparation that went into the study of the elective, earned them their “Earth Rocks” pin.

At the next den meeting, the scouts worked on preparing for their next requirement, “Cast Iron Chef”. Peter was really excited about this one, and he and David had lots of useful information to share with the boys about starting fire without matches, putting together a menu suitable for outdoor cooking, and how to cook that meal over an open fire safely. They were shown different types of stoves and cookware that can be used outdoors, with no electricity, to prepare all sorts of delicious things to eat. Then they talked over what to make for their upcoming outing, during which they would put their knowledge to the test!

Then came the outing itself. The group again assembled at Wampatuck State Park, and headed down to the designated scout area. Peter and David brought several different types of stoves and cookware to use, and demonstrated how they worked. They then showed the boys how to use flint and steel to start a fire and paper to light charcoal. The boys each tried their hand at using these methods, and a few of them were able to get a fire lit. Once that happened, the meals were prepared and left to cook, while the kids enjoyed the outdoors.

After the food was done, everyone sat and enjoyed their meal. Peter even baked a dessert in the cast iron pot! They wrapped up by cleaning up everything that they had brought in, according to the Leave No Trace principles.

The trip was very successful, and the kids earned their “Cast Iron Chef” pin.