Den 5 – Webelos

This year is going to be an exciting one for Webelos Den 5!  They’ve got a great group this year, comprised of the following…


Peter Bechtold – Webelos Den Leader

David Killeffer – Assistant Den Leader


and the scouts/parents..


Owen                                     Peter and Kathy

Evan                                       Steven and Deborah

Dominic                                 Ali and Robert

Jonathan                               Tracy and grandfather Richard

Ben                                         David and Sarah

Finn                                        Dennis and Annie

Jason                                      Joan and Gary

Francis                                   Stephen and Christine

Nicholas                                Pattie and Stacie



For the first year of Webelos, the scouts need to complete 5 specific requirements and 2 electives, after which they will earn the Webelos badge at the end of the year.  To accomplish this, the den will have bi-monthly  meetings (every other Thursday) at the First Congregational Church in Braintree, and usually 1 outing per month.  The group will work together to learn the skills and enjoy the activities that will get them to the next rank in scouting, the Arrow of Light.  Most of all, the boys will hopefully have fun.


So, follow along and see how the year progresses!



Welcome back!  Now that everyone had enjoyed their break for the holidays, it was time to get back to Scouting!  The kids started off by prepping for the “First Responder” requirement during their first den meeting of the year.  Assistant Den Leader David went through the chapter in the Webelos handbook, and talked about different ways of helping someone in a case of medical emergency.  Then the kids got to practice with each other a couple of ways of assisting someone who is choking, including the Heimlich maneuver.


At the second den meeting of the month, the boys were visited by an actual first responder!  This gentleman has a long history of scouting, is a retired state auxiliary police officer with the Central Mass Search and Rescue Team (CMSRT), and is presenter of the “Hug a Tree and Survive” program.  He’s presented this program to scouts and school children for many years, to educate them on what to do if they find themselves lost or injured in a remote location.  The boys found it very interesting, learned a great deal, and even went on a rescue training exercise!  This concluded the tasks for the “First Responder” requirement, so they earned their “First Responder” pin.


Since the kids were making great progress toward their goals, and because of all the other scouting and school activites planned around the holidays, it was decided that December would be a light month for the group.  The kids played games and participated in a Yankee Swap to celebrate, then everyone was wished “Happy Holidays and a “Happy New Year”.  See you in 2017!!